KKG distinguishes itself from other Construction Management companies in our approach to how we manage. Unlike other Construction Management firms, which react to problems as they arise, KKG takes pride in having the discipline and skills necessary to look ahead and anticipate problems, enabling the resolution of issues before they arise.

KKG holds both A and B licenses in California, meaning:  We know how to build, and are fully qualified to engineer projects.  However, we stick to Construction Management because, candidly, we possess a wealth of expertise that we can spread over a broader cross-section of the industry by serving in this administrative role.  We don’t believe Construction Management is just an ancillary division meant to generate additional revenue to the bottom line, as it is with many Construction Management firms that are subsidiaries to larger General Contracting firms.  We have never failed on a Guaranteed Maximum Price project to offset our entire construction management fee in the savings realized through our buyout oversight and change order claim reductions. We are a powerful support mechanism that beyond basic project administration, can step in when needed for technical issues, and to advise on the best way to achieve the goal.  This type of approach is most cost effective for the client.