KKG Inc. Services

Pre-Construction Construction Management Design Services

KKG distinguishes itself from other Construction Management companies in our approach to how we manage. Unlike other Construction Management firms, which react to problems as they arise, KKG takes pride in having the discipline and skills necessary to look ahead and anticipate problems, enabling the resolution of issues before they arise.

KKG holds both A and B licenses in California, meaning:  We know how to build, and are fully qualified to engineer projects.  However, we stick to Construction Management because, candidly, we possess a wealth of expertise that we can spread over a broader cross-section of the industry by serving in this administrative role.  We don't believe Construction Management is just an ancillary division meant to generate additional revenue to the bottom line, as it is with many Construction Management firms that are subsidiaries to larger General Contracting firms.  We have never failed on a Guaranteed Maximum Price project to offset our entire construction management fee in the savings realized through our buyout oversight and change order claim reductions. We are a powerful support mechanism that beyond basic project administration, can step in when needed for technical issues, and to advise on the best way to achieve the goal.  This type of approach is most cost effective for the client.

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The path to a successful project begins well before the ground breaking. KKG believes that with experienced preparation and planning, many problems can be avoided which can occur during construction.

  • Site Plan Formation
  • Site Inspection and Review
  • Preliminary Estimates
  • Means/Methods Review
  • Constructability Review
  • Contractor Interview/Solicitation
  • Comparative Analysis of General Contractor Bids
  • Design Team Management
  • Specification Writing
  • Administration of General Contracting Bid Process
  • Provide Energy Efficiency Analysis
  • Project Wide Estimates
  • Comparative System Cost Analysis
  • Value Engineering Comparisons
  • Value Engineering Plan Review
  • Solicitation of Additional Bids
  • Detailed Takeoffs to Support Bid Refinement
  • Review of General Contractor-Prepared Bid Tabulations
  • Review and Monitor Contractor-Provided Schedule
  • Create New Pre-Construction Schedules
  • Create Fragnet Schedules in Defense of Schedule Delay Claims
  • Create/Update Construction Schedule
  • Utility Preplanning
  • Utility Agency Expediting
  • Coordination of Utility and Design Team
  • Formation of Utility Agreements
  • Create Construction Contract
  • Review Construction Contract
  • Create Exhibits
  • Manage Signature Process
  • Public Agency Expediting
  • Attend Public Agency Meetings
  • Public Agency Presentations

Construction Management

KKG 's strength lies in monitoring the complete construction process. We begin a project fully committed to representing your interests, and monitor every step to ensure your project finishes strong.

  • File Notice to Proceed
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • File Notice of Completion
  • File Notice of Non-Responsibility
  • Attend One Weekly Meeting for Project Duration
  • Prepare Meeting Minutes
  • Review Minutes Prepared by Contractor
  • Provide Monthly Project Report
  • Review of RFIs, ASIs and SKs
  • Ensure Designer Incorporates RFIs, ASIs and SKs into Contract Documents
  • Tracking of RFIs, ASIs and SKs
  • Monitoring of Design Team Performance Relating to Due Dates
  • Responding to Documents on Behalf of Design Team
  • Maintain Conformed Set of Drawings
  • Manage FTP Repository
  • Monitor/Enforce Design Team Plan Updates
  • Solicit Bids for Inspection Services
  • Provide Baseline Budge for Inspection Services
  • Manage Award Process for Inspection Services
  • Monitor Inspection Services
  • Review Inspection Reports
  • Approve Inspection Invoicing
  • Waterproofing Quality Control
  • Roofing Quality Control
  • Hazmat Oversight
  • Oversight of Closure Reports
  • Methane Mitigation
  • Public Agency
  • Code Application Resolution
  • Plan Check Processing
  • Monitor Project Close-Out
  • Attend Punch Walk
  • Review of Close-Out Package
  • Management of Warranty Corrections
  • Forensic Studies
  • Termination Notices for Contractor Default
  • Notice to Correct Deficiencies
  • Project Take-Over
  • General Contracting

Design Services

KKG understands that a successful project begins with a quality design team. With proper coordination, the expectations of all parties can be creatively met through innovation and communication.

  • Design Requests for Proposal
  • Participate in Design Conferences
  • Provide Design/Constructability Sketches
  • Energy Efficiency Commissioning Management
  • Energy Efficiency Design Coordination
  • Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing/Structural Plan Coordination
  • Operating Program Definition
  • Hardware/Door Design
  • Parking Control Design
  • Signage Design/Coordination
  • Playground Venues; Dog Parks
  • Security Design
  • CCTV Design
  • Laundry Equipment Coordination
  • Fitness Equipment Coordination
  • Access Control Protocols and Program
  • CAD Services
  • LEED and CalGreen Coordination