KKG has full capability for preparing estimated costs for all facets of our client’s development projects.

We employ full time estimators that are immersed in the costing world on a constant basis, so our finger is more acutely on the pulse of market conditions in all of the assorted market niches in which we service our clients.

We experience actual costing on a daily basis through our management of Guaranteed Maximum Price contracts, where we have to approve every subtrade bid award.

Through our daily vetting and validation of change orders submitted by contractors in the course of construction, we reaffirm and update our pricing models in all marketplaces where we work. These real time reference points are incorporated into our full project budgets and our focused cost studies where we consider alternative approaches to building the best and most cost-effective mouse trap possible.

Our estimating accuracy is what has made KKG a highly respected firm when it comes to projecting costs to construct and defending the contract already in place when threatened by change order erosion.