Pre-Construction Services

The path to a successful project begins well before the ground breaking. KKG’s philosophy is that with experienced preparation and planning, many problems can be avoided which can occur during construction.

  • Site Plan Formation
  • Site Inspection and Review
  • Preliminary and Project Wide Estimates
  • Means/Methods Review
  • Constructability Review
  • Contractor Interview/Solicitation
  • Comparative Analysis of General Contractor Bids
  • Design Team Management
  • Specification Writing
  • Administration of General Contracting Bid Process
  • Provide Energy Efficiency Analysis
  • Comparative System Cost Analysis
  • Value Engineering
  • Review and Monitor Contractor-Provided Schedule
  • Create New Pre-Construction Schedules
  • Create Fragnet Schedules in Defense of Schedule Delay Claims
  • Create/Update Construction Schedule
  • Utility Preplanning
  • Utility Agency Expediting
  • Coordination of Utility and Design Team
  • Formation of Utility Agreements
  • Create Construction Contract Including Exhibits
  • Manage Signature Process
  • Public Agency Expediting
  • Public Agency Presentations